African Blackwood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon)

Indigenous to Mozambique, for centuries blackwood has been used to create fine musical instruments: clarinets, bagpipes, and a variety of woodwinds. Blackwood is unmatched in creating exquisite billiard cues, knife handles, and pens.

Musical Instrument-Grade Parts
No defect, cracks, knots or sapwood.

Highland Bagpipes (14 piece set)

Wind Instruments

Turning squares available for Clarinets, Oboes, Flutes, and Piccolos.

Guitar Sets

Many Luthiers have recognized African Blackwood as comparable or superior to Brazilian Rosewood in the making of classical and steel string guitars. It works extremely well for guitar building with its incredible density and closed grain. Sets of backs and sides are quarter sawn or flaw sawn and are sold in book matched sets.

Jumbo (2 piece back set)
Classic Steel String
Jumbo (3 piece back set)
Modern (4 piece back set)
Turning Squares

All turning squares are of the highest quality. They are no wormholes, cracks or defects. The large squares have a maximum of 10% sapwood on two sides.

African Blackwood lumber is available in many sizes, please contact us for details.

Bowl Blanks

African Mahogany (Afzelia Quanzensis)

Luxurious red color and grain of our mahogany is highly prized by cabinetmakers and carpenters around the world.

Panga Panga (Millettia Stuhlmannii)

Deep brown, richly grained hardwood, ideal for furniture, window frames and special flooring.